JoAnn (Jody) Gillerman
Work Resume


CO-FOUNDER, OWNER, CEO Viper Vertex Interactive, Oakland, CA (1977-present). Viper Vertex is an innovative media arts company specializing in creative interactives, multimedia exhibits, digital video and electronic media production for museums, science and technology centers, art and public venues.

PROFESSOR of media arts, California College of Arts & Crafts, Oakland, CA (1976-present)


2001- present
Shadow Dance: Eclipse Exhibit (Viper Vertex © 2001), Chabot Space & Science Center, Oakland, CA
12 flat panel displays, 3 floor sensors, 2 computers, custom software
This multimedia exhibit is not a kiosk, there is no mouse, no keyboard. Shadow Dance is an interactive, multi-user, multi-channel, floor-sensor driven exhibit encouraging its users to create an eclipse by aligning the Sun, Moon and Earth on an arc of 12 high-resolution flat panel displays. By simply moving around the installation space stepping on floor pictures, users interactively create an eclipse (lunar or solar) and explore eclipse information: science, mythologies, art, history, popular culture, and more through graphics, animations, video, pictures, environmental sounds and narrations. Shadow Dance, completed in July 2001, is in the permanent collection of the Chabot Space and Science Center, Oakland, CA. (more information: Shadow Dance.)

1999 - present
Innovation Forum Exhibit Viper Vertex (©1998/99), The Tech Museum of Innovation, San Jose, CA
2 computers, 6 monitors, video camera, michrophone, custom software
This exhibit creates an interactive forum in which to dialogue about innovations and technology. The Innovation Forum is an interactive, multimedia exhibit that solicits and includes real-time recording and playback of video/audio comments from its viewers. To encourage interaction, the Innovation Forum provides many short video clips by an impressive, diverse "virtual" panel talking on a wide range of issues concerning innovation and technology, how they affect our lives, new explorations and ethical implications. These prominent thinkers, who are interactively accessed, discuss: cloning, patenting life forms. genetic engineering, ethical implications, computer technologies, ubiquitous computers, global access to new technologies, new explorations, cyberspace as community, and more. This highly visual exhibit is diversified, provocative, and informative to encourage users to record their video comments and enter into an evolving discourse on innovations and technology. (more information: Innovation Forum)

Hey, Listen Up! - An Urban Eco-Literacy Project, Curriculum & Interctive CD-ROM sponsored by the Urban Habitat Program of the Earth Island Institute, San Francisco., CA. This educational project on environmental justice (environmental racism) included on-site multimedia workshops with high-school youths in Urban Los Angeles (Watts, Compton) resulting in a locally produced interactive CD-ROM created in part by the participants of the involved communities. As multimedia consultan, director, and co-producer of this project, I instructed the multimedia workshops, co- designed a multimedia curriculum on environmental issues for high school students, and directed/produced the collaborative Hey Listen Up! interactive CD-ROM. (© 1997-98)

Night Feeder Interactive CD-ROM, an interactive narrative

Night Feeder, the movie, a 90 min. video feature


Producer of Interactive eclipse exhibit, "Shadow Dance" at Chabot Space and Science Center, Oakland, CA. 2000-2001

Multimedia consultant, videographer, & photographer for Pensions 2000. This included on location, international videography, remote location web updates, and photography for international conference. Post production included videotape documentations, photo CD-ROMs, and web image postings. Conferences included: Madrid,Spain & Paris, France; Budapest, Hungary & Vienna, Austria; Tokyo, Japan & Beijing, China. 2000-2001

ASTC (Association for Science and Technology Centers) – exhibited traveling "Innovation Forum" Exhibit and "Shadow Dance: Ecipse Exhibit", Conferences include: Tampa, FL; Cleveland, OH; Phoenix, AZ, Oct. 1999-2001

Producer of Interactive Multimedia Exhibit "Innovation Forum" for The Tech Museum of Innovation, San Jose, CA. 1997-1999

HEY, LISTEN UP! - AN URBAN ECO-LITERACY PROJECT - Sponsored by Urban Habitat Program of Earth Island Institute, San Francisco, CA. This educational project on Environmental Justice included on-site multimedia workshops in Urban L.A. and a locally produced interactive CD-ROM created in part by the participants of the involved communities. (Los Angeles, CA). As Multimedia consultant and co-producer of this project, I instructed the multimedia workshops, directed and collaboraticvely produced the interactive CD-ROM on environmental racism and co- designed a multimedia curriculum for high school students. 1997-1998

Co-development & co-producer of website: 1996- present

Producer & Director of interactive "Guided Tours" for PC World New Media Interactive CD-ROM, IDG/PC World New Media Publication (published/distributed nationally). 1995

Producer of Interactive CD ROMs: 1993-1997
INTIJIWANA - Interactive CD-ROM with accompanying Installation, © 1996

NIGHT FEEDER - Interactive Movie/Narrative, © 93-1995

Co-director CSU Summer Arts computer gGraphics compilations CD-ROMs
: 1993-1994

Director & interface designer of collaborative CD-ROMs: 1994-2000
Interactive Storytelling, New media, Environment, and Diversity, Not Enough Time 1 & 2, Interactive Stories, Interactive Visualizations, Dream Spots: for CCAC, Cal State, Hayward, Cal State Summer arts

Interactive Performance/human interface: Partycam - Pier 32, San Francisco, CA. Jan. 8, 1994

Video Editing, consulting and video production for Softdesk ASG, Sausalito, CA. 1993

Video Editing and production of videotape "Pleat Repleat" for Hedstorm Productions, Santa Cruz, CA. 1992-1993

Panalist, Speaker, Presenter, "Art & Technology" - 2nd International Visual Arts Conference, SanFrancisco, CA. 1992

Design, Installation and Instruction for an interactive computer/video/music lab for CSU Summer Arts, Humboldt U., Arcada, CA. 1992

Producer of opening montage for "Forever Activists: Veterans of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade", Documentary , Academy Award Nominee. Included: concept design, video editing, computer graphics andt titles for the opening montage (produced by Judy Montell) 1991

Video editing and post-production for "Paquila - The First Step" Karl Stucki Production.Project was designed to improve the quality of life (basic nutrition, sanitation, medical, care, etc.) in Paquila, Guatemala 1990

Panalist, presenter of work, "Dance and Technology", Winter Olympics Arts Festival, Calgary, Alberta 1988

Curator//Producer of "Electronic Art Gallery Programs" for CSU Stanislaus and CSU System, 1988

Art Director, Editor, Associate Producer, Technical Director of NIGHT FEEDER, 90 min. feature length video produced on Betacam format for internatinal distribution (Night Feeder was produced by NF Co,/Viper Optics ©1990, 1987-90

Department Head, California College of Arts and Crafts, Film/Video Dep't
. 1982-87

Manager of Audio/Video for SIGGRAPH '85 ART SHOW, Moscone Center, San.Fransisco, CA.. 1985

Audio/Video Crew - SIGGRAPH conferences in- Minneapolis,MN; Detroit, MI; Los Angeles, CA;, Dallas,TX. 1983-87

Large scale public live video events and video installation systems- Bay Area venues include: Cow Palace, S.F. Civic Center, Moscone Center, Galleria, Warfield Theater, Boarding House, Trocadero Transfer; Illinois Center, IL. clients include: Hooker's Balls, Exotic Erotic Halloween Balls, public disco events, live and remote location music concerts. 1975-1992


2000 -2001: Co-producer/Director, Shadow Dance: interactive multimedia Eclipse Exhibit at Chabot Space & Science Center, Oakland, CA

1998-1999: Co-producer/Director of Content, Interviewer/Videographer: Innvoation Forum Exhibit at The Tech Museum of Innovation

1998-current: CEO, Founder, Owner– VIPER VERTEX INTERACTIVE media Arts Co.

1987-1989: Art Director, Editor, Associate Producer,Technical Director, NIGHT FEEDER, 90 min. video feature produced on Betacam, international distribution

1982-1987: Department Head, Film and Video Department, Cal College of Arts and Crafts, Oakland, Ca

1985: Manager Audio/Video, SIGGRAPH Art Show, Moscone Center , SF, CA

1983-1987: Manager Audio/Video & crew- SIGGRAPH Conferences:- Minneapolis,MN; Detroit, MI; Los Angeles, CA;, Dallas,TX, 1983-87

1975-1992: Producer and Director, Organizer, of large scale live video installations in national public venues including: Cow Palace, San Francisco; Civic Center, San Francisco; Moscone Center,San Francisco; Galleria, San Francisco; Warfield Theater,San Francisco; Boarding House, San Francisco; Trocadero Transfer, San Francisco; One Illinois Center, Chicago, IL. Organized all equipment, systems design of video and audio for large scale video projections, live multi-camera shoots, switching, mixing, video synthesis, hired crews, set-up on location and post-produced domentation of the events.


1976 – Present: CALIFORNIA COLLEGE OF ARTS AND CRAFTS, Professor of Electronic Art (Courses include: Interactive Storytelling for CD-ROM and Web, Interactive Media Environment, Diversity, Interactive narrative, Video production, Post-Production & Installation, Time and Media, Mac Basics, Core - Graduate levels)

1997-1998: MILLS COLLEGE, - Instructor of Video in Art Department - Oakland, CA

1994-1995: CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY., HAYWARD - MultiMedia, CD-ROM production & Video - Art Department

1987-1994: CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY SUMMER ARTS – Guest Artist and Visiting Faculty (1987, 88, 89, 91, 93, 94) Multimedia Arts


CSU SUMMER ARTS ( CSU Humboldt, CSU Polytech, CA ): Computer Arts Guest Faculty, 1987-89, 1991, 1993, 1994

U. OF CA, SANTA CRUZ: Panalist/Workshop "Introducing New Technology to Existing Curriculum" 1994

CALIFORNIA STAE U.,CHICO: Presentation of "EROS INterACTive" - Faculty Symposium 1994

MILLS COLLEGE: Art , Technology and MultiMedia Lecture/Presentation Nov. 1993

CALIFORNIA INSTITUTE OF THE ARTS, L.A.: Interactive Computer Video Systems Workshop/
Guest Artist 1990, 1991

MASSACHUSETTES COLLEGE OF ART: Computer Arts: Installation,Performance, Workshop/
Guest Artist 1990

TUSKEEGEE UNIVERSITY - Biomedical Symposium: Advanced Composite Imaging Presentation 1987

METRO TELEVISION - SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA: Image Processing Workshop/Artist in Residence 1983



On-Line references may be found by searching for JoAnn Gillerman, Viper Optics or Viper Vertex. Also,
more on Viper Vertex Press

2002 ARTWEEK: Review by Dr. Celeste Connor of Shadow Dance: Eclipse Exhibit at Chabot Space and Science Center (CSSC), Oakland, CA

2001 KNTV Broadcast: "TECH TALK": "Shadow Dance: an Interactive Eclipse Exhibit" videotaped on location at Chabot Space and Science Center, includes interview with JoAnn Gillerman as co-producer of the exhibit - July 6, 2001

2001 KNTV Broadcast: Evening News - Videotaped on location interview with JoAnn Gillerman as co-producer of a New Eclipse Exhibit "Shadow Dance" at Chabot Space and Science Center, Oakland, CA, (June 21, 2001)

2001 OAKLAND TRIBUNE: describes Viper Vertex 's new eclipse exhibit Shadow Dance at CSSC

1998 SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS: Viper Vertex 's INNOVATION FORUM EXHIBIT at The Texh Museum of Innovation

1997 SAN FRANCISCO FOCUS Magazine: featured profile & picture of JoAnn Gillerman & Rob Terry, Aug ’97 issue

1996 ARTSWIRE WEBSITE: "Conversation with JoAnn Gillerman" Interactive arts forum, international distribution

1995 LEONARDO:Journal of Art, Science and Technology Volume 29 Number 4 -(intrenational distribution)
published in print, MIT press and on-line Leonardo Website, 1996, "The Sun Drops Its Torch, EROS INterACTive, AnArchy Partycam" & , authored by the artist (1995-present)

1995 ARTWEEK , San Francisco, CA "ART & TECHNOLOGY"

SELECTED DISTRIBUTION - laserdisc, video, books

INFORMATION ARTS": MIT Press - Author: Stephan Wilson (2001-present) publication, distribution; ROCKPORT PUBLISHERS, NORTH LIGHT BOOKS: "CLICK "publication, distribution TANTRA computer graphic painting; "AMAYAKAN"- Japan/L,A.,CA.: ORCHID video, video laserdisc, distribution (1988-present); PARAMOUNT VIDEO, Los Angeles, CA, ELECTRIC DREAM video, theatrical release & distribution; FILMS AROUND THE WORLD, New York, NIGHT FEEDER VIDEO FEATURE, international distribution (1991-1995


In the shadow ... total solar eclipses JoAnn Gillerman has been vidotaping and photographing active volcanic lava flows and total solar eclipses around the world for decades. Some of the recent eclipses and lava flows may be seen on her website.

1975 -1978: Built a Sandin Image Processor (Video Synthesizer and Processor) used for production and multi-camera live performances & installations - Moved to Bay Area to perform with the Real* Electric Symphony in a series of live electronic music & video concerts and performances during New Music Month (and continuing afterwards) in many Clubs and Alternative Spaces in and around the Bay Area, CA.