'Innovation Forum'  
Interactive Discussions
Museum visitor using the "Visitors Forum" of the INNOVATION FORUM EXHIBIT
to RECORD her comments on Innovations and Technology.

The INNOVATION FORUM is an issue-based interactive multimedia forum on innovation and technology that solicits real-time comments from its viewers. The exhibit features real-time ability for visitors to record and playback audio/video comments.
After being inspired by a series of interviews from a diverse virtual panel of selected professionals, a museum visitor may add their personal comments on innovation and technology to a collective real-time "visitors forum" that may be accessed by other museum visitors.

To encourage visitor interaction, the INNOVATION FORUM provides discourse and dialog by varied 'professionals' talking on a wide range of issues concerning innovations and technology, primarily technological innovations, that have affected our lives, our work and our global culture and society. It is our interest that the educational content of this exhibit be diversified, provocative, informative and inspirational to encourage museum visitors to comment on issues of innovation and technology.

The Innovation Forum Exhibit includes interviews from a diverse group of professionals in many fields ranging from: Scientists, Doctors, Urban Planners/Community Activists, Cosmologists, Futurists, Ethicists, and others. The interviewees discuss new innovations and explorations, cloning, patenting of life forms, genetic engineering, nanotechnology, intelligent computers, cyborgs, cryonics, global access to technologies, the future of our planet, and ethics related to these issues and more.

The Innovation Forum Exhibit solicits    
from YOU, the visitor, and encourages YOU to comment on issues of    
Innovation and Technology    
as YOU become a part of the VISITORS FORUM;    
other visitors may listen to your comments as well as    
those of the virtual panelists.

The INNOVATION FORUM EXHIBIT, was produced by JoAnn Gillerman and Rob Terry of Viper Vertex for the permanent collection of exhibits at THE TECH MUSEUM OF INNOVATION, San Jose. The exhibit opened to the public in the new facility on Nov. 1 1998.