Total Solar Eclipses documented by Viper Vertex
JoAnn Gillerman and Rob Terry 1980-2008

What started out as a curious passion has become an all absorbing obsession and life-long quest! We travel - in less than ideal conditions! - to often extreme exotic places for moments some as long as 4 minutes and others as short as 45 seconds for the chance to revel in, videotape, document and be ;in shadow - of a TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE. This has led to fascinating encounters, research and several interactive multimedia works on the ambience, mythologies, folklore, histories and experiences.

VIPER VERTEX documents and records ECLIPSE experiences
around the world . . .

Siberia: Russian Countryside
       Aug. 1, 2008

Libya: Sahara Desert, SE of Jalu
       Mar. 29, 2006

Turkey: Amasya
       Aug 11, 1999

Venezuela: Peninsula du Parajuana
       Feb 26, 1998

India: Fetapur Sikri
       Oct. 24, 1995

Bolivia: Foothills of Andes, Potasi
       Nov. 3, 1994

USA, Hawaii:Mauna Kea
       July 11, 1991

USA, Washington/Oregon Border
       Feb 26, 1979